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Name:Jack Horner

Jack Horner

Fandom: Fables
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (at least 500+, appears mid-twenties)
Height: 6'2

"My mother always said we make our own luck. Of course, my mother also told me there were no such things as magic beans, so what the hell did she know?"

Jack of the Tales. He's not just the beanstalk kid, or the one who put his thumb in his Christmas pie. He's all the Jacks. Whether it's Jack of the Lantern, Jack the Giant Slayer, or the trickster Jack Frost - they're all one in the same. The incredibly long lived Jack has traveled all over the fabled worlds, until he was forced into the Mundy world by the invasion of the Adversary's forces. Although he still sometimes is up for some heroic exploits, his main ambitions is achieving his own magical trifecta of being Handsome, Powerful, and Rich. No matter how close he gets, he somehow always manages to bungle it up before too long.
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